Social and Labour Plans

Social and Labour Plans

Mining Rights and Social and Labour Plan Requirements

The Social and Labour Plan is a key component of the new order mining right in South Africa. Mining companies are required to submit their Social and Labour Plan to the Department of Mineral Resources as part of their applications for mining rights. To retain your mining rights or obtain new mining rights in South Africa you have to be compliant with the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA). EVA Solutions specialises in the development of these plans. We cannot help you with applying for mining rights. You need to contact Department of Mineral Resources and Energy directly for this.


Social and Labour Plan Requirements in South Africa

Social and Labour Plans

The Social and Labour Plan is a key component of the new order mining right in South Africa. EVA Solutions specialise in the 3 key element of the Social and Labour Plan - Human Resource Development, Labour Planning and Social and Economic Development Planning.

How to Develop a Social and Labour Plan

EVA Solutions will take your mining company through a proven process to develop your social and labour plan - from a full audit through to implementation and development of reporting structures. Local Economic Development programmes must also be considered.

EVA have an enviable reputation with mining companies and government organisations so contact us today! We've helped other mines and we can help you get your mining rights in South Africa.


  • Audit: to determine the gap between your current HR practices and the requirements of the MPRDA (and other existing labour/Employment Equity legislation).
  • Framework Design: design of the elements required to support your social and labour plan covering ABET training, skills development plans, employment equity plans and retrenchment plans.
  • Implementation: EVA can facilitate the implementation of the framework, and monitor the success.
  • Reporting: effective reporting structures will be developed to ensure that reports are produced on time and with the correct information.

Leave HR to the professionals and stay compliant. We'll sort out your Human Resources while you focus on the business of making money!