General HR Services

General HR Services

Outsourced General HR Services

There are a number of other pieces that make up the Human Resources puzzle. Fitting these pieces together properly will ensure that you manage your human resources effectively - critical for the performance of any successful company.


General HR Services in South Africa

EVA can help you with:

  • Outsourced HR Management
  • Design and implementation of HR Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resource Systems - performance management, job evaluations, job profiling
  • Industrial Relations Support - disciplinary process, chairing hearings


  • Manpower and succession planning
  • Organisational development and re-engineering
  • Devise, formulate and implement Human Resource strategy
  • Career development systems
  • Development of remuneration policies
  • Design of job descriptions and job specifications
  • Implementation of job evaluation structures
  • Drafting appropriate policies and procedures
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Aligning the needs of the organisation
  • Interpretation of IR legislation and its effects on the employer
  • Appropriate grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Advice on IR issues
  • Facilitation of IR related negotiations

Leave HR to the professionals and stay compliant. We'll sort out your Human Resources while you focus on the business of making money!