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Contact Details

Physical Address Block 2B, Pine Place
116 Johannesburg Rd
Lyndhurst, 2192
South Africa
Contact Numbers Tel: +27 11 264 2358
Fax:+27 11 264 2368
Postal Address P O Box 1275
Highlands North
South Africa
Naomi Brehm
+27 82 496-2349
Christina Raphela
+27 76 753 6275

About EVA Solutions - Human Resource
Management Consultants

EVA Solutions is an integrated Managed HR Solutions Consulting organisation providing a wide range of human resources consulting services to a number of diverse listed and non-listed organisations in Southern Africa. The organisation comprises a network of dedicated human resource professionals specialising in various human resource disciplines.

We partner our clients in the recruitment, management, development, administration and retention of staff, employing practical state-of-the-art methods and interventions, at economic value-added prices.

Many years of human resource line-management experience provides EVA Solutions with the capability and capacity to place ourselves in our client’s shoes, grasping in-depth knowledge and understanding of their business issues as well as frustrations experienced in the management of staff and the associated administrative processes and systems.

Our Aim

To partner our clients in the strategic management of human capital processes through the provision of expert level consulting services in the administration, development, and retention of staff, underpinned by a strong capability to recruit the right persons for the organisation.

A core competence of the services of EVA Solutions is based on their extensive experience in the compilation, implementation and reporting of SLPs in line with mining legislation.

Naomi Brehm

(BA Hons - English, TTHD, HDPM, MM, MHRP)

Naomi Brehm holds a Masters in Management degree and has worked in a wide variety of industries. Naomi is a generalist HR practitioner with over 25 years experience in the field, specifically in setting up Human Resource systems, structures and strategies. Naomi heads up the HR Consulting division which assists companies with strategic human resources and HR legislative compliance. She is also well known in the mining industry for her expertise in development and implementation of Social and Labour Plans required to obtain mining rights in South Africa.
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