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Skills Development

A Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is the person responsible for training and development in your organisation. Many companies make the mistake of appointing the accountant or bookkeeper as the company SDF - a big mistake!

In terms of the Skills Development Levies Act all organisations in South Africa with a payroll exceeding R500,000 per annum must pay a 1% Skills Development Tax on their payroll. In terms of the act, you may claim back up to 55% of this Skills Development Tax if:

  • You have paid the SDL tax; and
  • You provide approved training to employees in the organisation either internally or externally.

Note that the deadline for the annual training report and workplace skills plan (ATR & WSP) is 30 April! Contact EVA Solutions today and make sure you are compliant!

Did you know?

The person you appoint as your SDF should be experienced and qualified to manage your skills development initiatives in accordance with Seta requirements.
If not, that person may act as an assistant to an external SDF. EVA Solutions are highly experienced Skills Development Facilitators.
Your SDF is the advocate for skills development in your organisation and must understand your business objectives and their implications when setting up your Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Report.
The workload on the SDF function can be heavy, which is why many companies choose to outsource the function to experienced SDF companies like EVA
Contact EVA Solutions today and find out more about the SETA rules and regulations and how you can use EVA to assist with skills development in your company.

Skills development facilitators


Skills Development Services

  • Training needs analysis
  • Skills development facilitation
  • Workplace skills plans
  • Delivery of leadership, management and supervisory skills
  • Teambuilding skills
  • Sales and customer care skills

Don't Take a Chance!

Kutlwano Career Services

Ensuring your business is compliant with legislation is like walking a tight rope. One wrong step could mean disaster.
Do you know what forms need to be submitted when? Are all your documents up-to-date with currently legislation? Are you compliant with the laws surrounding employment – the BCEA, the LRA, the EE Act, the Skills Development Act?

That's why many companies throughout South Africa rely on HR consultants like EVA Solutions to help remain compliant! Contact EVA Solutions today. We'll sort out your Human Resources area while you focus on the business of making money!
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