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What you need to know about Employment Equity
in South Africa

EVA Solutions are experts in the development and implementation of Employment Equity Plans and submission of required reports. We can guide you through the process and make sure you're compliant!

Contact Us today and make sure that the Employment Equity in your organisation meets the requirements of the Act, and supports the growth and success of your business!

Did you know?

If your company has more than 50 employees (or a turnover above the designated threshold) you are required to have an Employment Equity Plan and report in line with the requirements of the act by 01 October.
You are required to develop your Employment Equity Plan in consultation with your employees?
The Employment Equity Commission is taking action against companies who fail to comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act?
You are required to appoint a Senior Manager to ensure that Employment Equity is implemented within your organisation?
You face severe penalties for failure to implement Employment Equity in your organisation?

Employment equty consultants


Employment Equity Services

  • Organisational audits
  • Design and implementation of Employment Equity strategies, policies and procedures
  • Development of Employment Equity plans
  • Training of employees on Employment Equity issues
  • Completion and submission of reports to the Department of Labour
Employment Equity

Don't Take a Chance!

Kutlwano Career Services

Ensuring your business is compliant with legislation is like walking a tight rope. One wrong step could mean disaster.
Do you know what forms need to be submitted when? Are all your documents up-to-date with currently legislation? Are you compliant with the laws surrounding employment – the BCEA, the LRA, the EE Act, the Skills Development Act?

That's why many companies throughout South Africa rely on HR consultants like EVA Solutions to help remain compliant! Contact EVA Solutions today. We'll sort out your Human Resources area while you focus on the business of making money!
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